Fortress Stabilization

Stabilizing Bowed or Cracked Home Foundations

Budget Waterproofing Inc. features the Fortress Stabilization System when it comes to stabilizing bowed or cracked basement walls. Utilizing state of the art Aerospace and Marine Carbon Fiber and kevlar technologies the Fortress Stabilization System has produced proven and unsurpassed surface preparation and bonding techniques that resolve many lingering issues in the construction industry.


  • Will not rust, mildew, stretch or move over time.
  • No attachments made to the floor or ceiling.
  • Grid encapsulated in epoxy anchoring it in place.
  • Can be painted for a smooth look.

The Fortress Stabilization Process

Surface Preparation Or Peel Ply Prepared Surfaces

Peel ply is polyester or nylon cloth material applied to the completed laminate while the resin is still wet. This cloth will not adhere to wet layup.

The purpose of the peel ply: Knowing the finished laminate will be laminated to another wet bonding agent to create another laminate. The peel ply produces a grooved non-amine bonding surface. Peel ply provides the added benefit of absorbing resin from composite skins.

This technology has been used for many years in the Aero Space, Nautical/Marine and Aircraft industries. Most resins after curing produce an amine blush, which is not a desirable bonding surface. Peel ply allows for a re-bondable surface that requires no additional preparation once the peel ply is removed. The peel ply also produces a grooved surface for secondary bonding. An added benefit is the carbon's bonding area remains clean and ready for lamination regardless of whether the environment is unclean, as is the case in most construction or job sites.

For more information about the Fortress Stabilization System process and how it can be applied to your project contact us online or give us a call at 724-610-0777.